Tuesday, March 21, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 3 Winning S3x Combo To Experiment In 2023

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Sex is fun, sweet and pleasurable, but that is only when you do it the right way. As that sharp naija guy, when your babe decides to spend the night, she wants to thoroughly enjoy herself, and that is the main essence of the Kamasutra.

The Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu text, which comprises of 64 sexual positions, with over 200 variations. Applying these positions to the letter will not only make you the king of her heart, but you will always dominate the other room.

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Best Kamasutra Positions

Doggy style

The doggy style involves the lady facing the bed and creating an arc shape, with the ass facing the dick. This position might not be the most romantic, and can be exhausting, but it’s worth the effort. Your lady will feel the full penetration of the penis, while giving pleasurable mourns. If she’s skilled, she will also move her ass sideways very slowly, while you go to work. You can go in very slowly at first, increase the tempo later and if she enjoys it, you can go as fast as you can.


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Collapsed Doggy

As that sharp naija guy, you should only go for this position is you have a long dick. A collapsed doggy involves the lady sleeping face down, while she raises her ass up a bit. Unlike doggy that needs the lady on her four legs, collapsed doggy is relaxed, easy, slow and sonorous. Ladies tends to enjoy this position more because they are just lying there and enjoying the moment, without doing anything. Its advisable to go in slow and speedup occasionally, but never too fast. For maximum enjoyment, always make sure you bury your full dick, while you enjoy her sweet mourn.


Old but gold. The missionary position involves both partners facing one another, with the lady on her back. This is the most common position, some people even call it Mummy and Daddy style. It is always advisable to start with the missionary, move the doggy, then finish the night off with the collapsed doggy.

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