“That Fight Ain’t Going To Happen”….Tyson Fury Believes Anthony Joshua Is Scared Of Losing To Him

Former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury say he believes a fight against WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will never happen.Fury says it appears increasingly unlikely that the pair will meet in the near future, as Joshua is afraid of getting beat. Fury said: “I’ve already beat [Deontay] Wilder, so that’s one down and I’d do the same to [Anthony] Joshua if given the chance. But, I don’t think it’s going to happen and I’m sorry to disappoint the sports fans, Joshua, even with two hammers in each hand could never beat Tyson Fury and they know it. They know that, they’re not silly, it’s a business as well so they’re not going to take the fight, simple as. They may say they are going to take the fight – talk about it then fight somebody else like they keep doing. That fight ain’t going to happen.”Photo Credit: Getty


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