Cash Withdrawal Limit: There’s No Nigerian That Needs More Than N100k Cash Weekly – Reno Omokri

reno omokri

Political activist and former aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has come out to drop his two cents following the limit payed on cash withdrawal from ATMs by the CBN.reno omokri

Taking to social media, Reno Omokri stated that there is no Nigerians that needs more than N100k cash weekly. He backed up his words as he stated that aside from paying for transport and buying groceries, other transactions can be done cashless.
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On the gram Reno Omokri wrote, There is no Nigerian that needs more than ₦100k in cash weekly. Other than paying bus conductors and buying groceries, every other transaction can be done cashless. It is kidnappers and bandits and sexual bandits (urgent 2k girls) that are fighting this policy through their political godfathers and clients in high places.
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The bandits have billions at stake, because that is the only way they can sustain the ransoms they demand. The urgent 2 k girls want cash to continue, because they know that married men are reluctant to go cashless to pay them because their wives can follow the paper trail back to them!Reno Omokri

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