Coachella! Terry Pheto Meets Beyonce

Terry pheto

Actress Terry Pheto is all about her art and craft but again, she finds time to let loose and have some fun.

The stunning actress was among the many African stars who came out to watch iconic singer Beyonce perform at Coachella music festival a couple of days ago and according

to Pheto, she met Queen Bey herself.  According to Pheto, Bey took a photo of her while at the music festival over the weekend. Pheto who is based in the US shared a photo of herself with Bey’s prodigies Halle and Chloe, tweeting that Beyonce took the picture herself.

This of course got twitter to react as many believed pheto was lying, while others believed she was saying the truth. Read some of the reactions below;
Terry pHETO
Terry Pheto
Terry pHETO
Terry Pheto Photo Credit: Getty


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