Terrorism Has Been Checkmated In Nigeria – DHQ

The Coordinator of the Nigeria Defence headquarters {DHQ} media operation, Major General John Enenche, has said during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria {NAN}, that menace of terrorism has been checkmated in Nigeria.Terrorism - John Enenche

He said though there might still be some isolated occurrences here and there, which is common of terrorism, the previous rampant attacks and bombings that were a regular recurrence in the past administration have been checked, he noted that all of the bombings in places like Abuja, Kano, Niger and Kogi states have all been halted. We Can't Expose Boko Haram Sponsors - Nigerian Army

The major also noted that terrorist slipper cells have completely been uprooted and no longer exist. He said activities and operations of Boko Haram in the North-East, where suicide bombing and bomb blast in public gatherings was also very rampant all have been nipped in the bud properly.

Reassuring that lives and property are a lot much safer than it use to be. Enenche said during his interview with the News Agency of Nigeria NAN.

“The issue of bombings that even spread to other places like Abuja, Kano, Niger and Kogi States, including their slipper cells no longer exist. What about suicide bombing, which is one of the signs of terrorism? It was rife and even at our checkpoints they come and detonate bombs as well as public gatherings; all these have been nipped properly.
If you put all these together, I can tell you that terrorism has been checkmated.
However, the signs are still there with isolated action here and there; common with terrorism.” he said

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