Tellitto Laurielle Serves Serious Fit Mummy Inspiration For Mum’s To Be

Becoming a mother is such an exciting experience and it is one journey everyone is super excited to embark on. A few months back when stunning south African fitness enthusiast Tellitto Laurielle announced that she was going to be a mom we knew we were in for a huge amount of fit mom to be inspiration and she definitely came through with more than enough.
Tellitto Laurielle Serves Some Serious Fit Mummy Inspiration For Mum's To Be

This journey comes with its own sides and one thing mum’s to be is to live a healthy life and make healthy life choices. Tellitto Laurielle decided to use the journey as a medium to educate mum’s to be on how to live a healthy life in pregnancy and also ways they can work out and stay active without hurting their baby.  This mum to be made sure she enjoyed every moment of her journey by staying healthy and living an active life that was safe for her baby.
Photo Credit: Instagram

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