Teachers Are Humans Too! Russian Teachers Are Stripping Off In Protest For This Reason

Russian teachers are stripping off in protest after a teacher was forced out of a school for being accused of dressing “like a prostitute”. Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, 38, faced a barrage of complaints from “outdated” mums and dads after she was accused of provoking male pupils to lust after her.But now under the hashtag #учителятожелюди – meaning “teachers are humans too” – she has won nationwide support from hundreds of female colleagues proudly posting their revealing pictures. A protest video showed teachers walking into the sea in their classroom clothes to mock complainants who say school staff should never be seen revealing any flesh. Anastasia, a teacher of Russian language from Ivanovo, said that Tatiana, from Barnaul in Siberia, is an ice swimmer and the pictures were linked to her sporting prowess.Posting her own beach picture, Anastasia taunted her own bosses to dismiss her if they don’t like it. She said: “How do you think a modern teacher must meet the requirements of parents and their superiors…? Family status? Breast size? The length of her skirt? Waist? Hobbies? Being a great lover of experiments, I will post these photos. Let’s see how soon I get fired…” Dasha Lukashenskaya, a teacher from Velikie Luki, said “people have gone entirely mad” over the Kuvshinnikova case. She said: “Are teachers a different race? A teacher’s private life is a teacher’s private life.” An English teacher from Omsk in Siberia, Alyona Chupriyanova-Tarasova, attacked the persecution of a colleague for wearing a swimsuit. She asked: “Are teachers not people or what? Does a photo in a swimsuit insult the dignity of others?”Liudmila Alexandrovna posted her own picture in a bikini and asked why it was a “scandal” to have “photos of a teacher in a swimsuit”. She said: “Why does it cause such a reaction? Why do people see evil in that Isn’t it an example to follow? A woman in good physical shape aged 38 taking care of her health. What is sexual here? What damage can it cause to pupils? There is more explicit stuff on TV. Why aren’t parents complaining about it? Teachers are humans too, I am supporting the teacher from Barnaul.” A teacher called Dasha from Yekaterinburg posted her own revealing picture and said she had sent in her resignation letter.Photo Credit: Getty


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