TBT: Top 5 Nigerian Music Legends Of All Time

The surge of “beat-oriented” hip-hop artistes in Nigeria has drowned the classic rhymes and meanings that accompanied music in Nigeria in the late 90’s. Music lovers now listen to almost anything that has a danceable beat irrespective of the unspeakable words that accompany such songs.
As a matter of fact, a good number of Nigerians now Trump most “meaningful songs” that attempt to raise their head in the industry, as they happily listen to some “not-so-reasonable” songs that have flooded the music industry. Today, we will be going down the memory lane to remember some evergreen musicians and their songs that rocked the floor in the good old days.

1) Fela Anikulapo Kuti: This legend’s unique pattern of music eventually laid the ‘afro-beat’ path for others to follow. He is a tower of light that used his music to stir Nigerians to action in the days of military rule in Nigeria. His songs are evergreen. His style is immortal. His dance pattern is simply classic. It is literally an abomination for any individual to list Nigeria’s top music legends without placing this hero in top three.
2) King Sunny Ade(KSA): Sunny Ade’s style is all shades of classic. No Nigerian musician ever used the talking drum like him and none has reached his height thus far. His dance style can never be duplicated. His voice will always bring the perfect pitch to our ears.
3) Oliver Sunday Akanite (Oliver De Coque): This legend will always appear in the top three list of Nigerian musicians. His style of music is simply outstanding. He literally invented the “stand and sway” dance style that is usually displayed by Nigerians from the East. Oliver De Coque’s music might extended to the entire 36 states in Nigeria and beyond.
4) Funmi Adams: Yes Funmi Adams. Her hit song “Nigeria my beloved Country”, still bring tears to the eyes of many Nigerians that saw her days. It was the only national song that accompanied any cultural dance presentation in the 90’s. It brought light to the beauty in Nigeria’s diversity despite the numerous tribal wars that nearly tore this nation apart.
5) Lagabja: This man turned out to be one of the few Nigerian artistes that had a scandal free career. His mask successfully created a spot for itself in our heart and minds. Lagbaja is all shades of daring, bold and evergreen. It is either you remember him or you were too young to know him. He applied the Bata drum in ways that are best left to the imagination.
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