TBT: How New Year Used To Feel Like

We can all agree that life was easier when we were children, no responsibility, all you have to do was live your life and make sure you don’t die. Life with no worries was beautiful and this time of the year used to be all bliss, here was how New year used to feel like before all the responsibilities. 
1. No ‘New year, New me’ Nonsense: When we were young there was nothing like changing personalities because remaining the person we were last year was fine with us.
2. Money From Uncles And Aunties: This is the period where a visit to or from uncles and aunties equals money in your pocket. But now we are now allegedly big boys and big girls that don’t need money anymore.
3. ‘How I Spent My Holiday’ Assignment: During this period all we worry about was how to write the ‘How I Spent My Holiday’ assignment because school resumes next week.  Photo Credit: Getty


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