TBT: Five OTT Styles Denrele Edun Fabulously Pulled Off 5-years Ago

One of Nigeria’s notable OTT fashion advocate, Denrele Edun is celebrating his 38th birthday today and we have decided to look at his styles that had us spellbound five years ago. The celebrity’s fashion style right from his hair to his shoe screams attention, you can’t help but notice his get-up. It’s either his impossible heel shoes are calling your attention, or his hair or clothing, something about Denrele’s style speaks freedom! Fashion is simply expression and Denrele, ever since he stormed the Nigerian entertainment industry, he had been doing just that. So, let’s look at the five extra styles one of Nigeria’s biggest celebrity, Denrele Edun rocked five years ago.
Check out his tinted hair, multiple buckles, sunglasses, chains, and multiple colours, wow! Rocking same hair, impossible heels, jean jacket and the catty attitude that we have all come to love. Denrele did not just break boundaries, he stretched them and also influenced different hairstyles across genders. Though his fashion styles have grown over the years, the message still remained the same, “expression”! Photo Credit: Getty

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