TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked ’09

2009 was a fashionable year! People walked the street like they were walking the runway, showcasing all their nice get-ups and out rocking each other with the then fashion item. Some styles we still have now redefined though, but ten years ago they were the total rave. So let’s look at ten styles that rocked the Nigerian fashion scene in 2009TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked '09 1

  • Leggins: Oh we saw just too many of them! The ones worn with long tops, or for the bold and then controversial people, rocked with tops with length reaching to their waist. There were different colours, blue, red, green, white, think any colour and you get them in leggins back in 2009, every lady owned one and they loved them.
  • Boot cuts: Leggins with boot cuts how? Well, it happened and they rocked them to a 100. The unisex pants were rocked by both men and women who donned them with different top and shirts.TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked '09 2
  • Short A-line gowns: These were another rave in 2009, there is no walking down any street in Nigeria without seeing at least ten people rocking short A-line gowns, it was a thing! They were loved by almost all the ladies in Nigeria and although we still have A-line gowns, they were totally the in thing in 2009
  • Clothes with Polka dot designs: You had a gown in 2009 and it did not come with polka dots? Well, bye non-2009-kokonista! Polka dots were the fashion gauge then, almost all fashionable queen owned a polka dot top or gown. TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked '09 3
  • Carribean skirts: These skirts were a darling in 2009! rocked with cotton tops and sandals or wedge heels, ladies in 2009 donned carribean skirts with all joys, it was a fashionable get-up and looking back now, we say, that was a time to be alive!
  • “Abortion” belt: What a funny name, but how it transforms your maxi gowns and tops is magical! Big and cinches your waist beautifully, abortion belts were a must have item in 2009. TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked '09 4
  • Short skirt and leggins: Thinking about this style now brings laughter to our faces, short skirt and leggins were the gem back them. In 2009, it was on the street reigning and claiming queen. The big girls wore it with a bikini bra to the club while the small girls wore a spaghetti top on it, either ways they all loved their styles
  • Dark sunshades: Imagine existing as a kokonista in 2009 without dark sunnies? Wow, you really do not want to do that, sunshades were the rave back them, both men and women all complement their looks with sunglasses. They were not trying to protect themselves from the sun, they were protecting themselves from the stares, like “gurl, you are so 1997”! TBT: 8 Nostalgic Nigerian Fashion Raves That Rocked '09 5Photo Credit: Getty


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