TBT: 6 Superstitions About Food We Were Told Growing Up

Every generation believes that it’s time is better than the present in a way, which is why it is not strange to hear phrases like “the good ol’ days”. Which is why for today’s throwback, we decided to go back and do something about food.

Food connects us in a special way. Varied dishes unite us, amidst our generation barriers. While growing up, there were certain statements about food, that we were told to avoid. Well, now we know better and are much wiser.

Today’s throwback is dedicated to bringing those memories back.

1. Drinking coconut water makes one dull.Pretty sure I was not the only one who was not allowed to drink the water in a coconut because it was believed to make one an “olodo”. Far from it, because the water actually has a lot of health benefits.

2. Eating beans to grow tallI just have to roll my eyes here. So, because beans is a proteinous food and the food class is associated with growth, it becomes your go-to meal if you want to add height? Really?

3. Any food that falls to the floor has been eaten by Satan.

This must definitely have been pushed to the fore by some over zealous Christians. Satan doesn’t have things to do anymore, than to eat biscuits that have fallen to the ground? Leemao! This is what is referred to as *see finish”.

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4. Rolling and singing to your agbalumo makes it sweeter.I just have to sing the song “Agbalumo dun dun. Omo Oba lo fe mu.” You want the meaning? Ask any Yoruba person around you.

5. If you eat your meat before you finish your food, you’re a thief or will grow up as one.I am just shaking my head and wondering how I even believed this nonsense. Who taught of all these things?

6. Those people who eat with their left hand are eating with the devil.

On a serious note, what is our obsession with the devil? On a lighter note, for a left-handed person like me, I literally disliked this one. FoodPhoto Credit: Instagram

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