TBT: 5 Simi Songs That Shook The Nigerian Music Scene In 2016

Simi shocked everyone with the news that she has left her music record label X3M Music after being with them for five years. Simisola Ogunleye, Aka Simi signed on to X3M music in 2014 where she quickly rose to stardom releasing hits like Tiff and E no go funny. The beautiful singer with a voice laced with honey quickly rent a self-contain in our hearts as she instantly became a favorite with many music lovers. Simi released three albums that were a hit both locally and internationally with the record label. Her journey was beautiful, but it had to end someday, and now Simi’s watch with X3M music has ended. So, here we are reminiscing about all the good songs she and X3M Music blessed the world with, those nice vibes that we all could not stop vibing to. No doubt, 2015 was Simi’s year with awards like the most promising act to watch out for, best vocal performance at headies and so many more, she definitely nailed it in 2015! Check out three of her songs that were more than just amazing in four years ago. 

  • Love don’t care: This song showed us why we love to love, it was deep and well composed. Maybe because she released the song in February 2016, lovers month, but this song was on every lip in 2016 particularly for those who were in interracial and inter-ethnic relationships. They all finally had a voice and spokesperson who was bold enough to share that love truly knows no boundaries, nor financial status or position. The song was all shades of deep and we loved it!
  • Chemistry: Okay, you grew up in Nigeria and never heard of Chemistry? please submit your Nigerian passport, please! This song by Simi and Falz was one collaboration that shook the roots of music in the country, everyone became a chemistry detector, they instantly knew when two random friends are on their way to becoming an item.
  • Soldier: This is another song on Simi and Falz’s collabo album, they both created something beautiful together back in 2016 and the world thanked them for it. Simi’s voice was as usual melodious as she tacked the Mr soldier who would not leave her alone. This song was very pictorial, it gave it visuals before even seeing the video.
  • Outta my head: Simi collaborated with Praiz, her fellow X3M Music artist to make outta my head and till date, that song still lingers on! Powerful delivery and vocals, it tugged at the string of our hearts and once again beautifully told the story of a dejected lover who needs to forget his/her ex, so he/she could move on with their lives. At this juncture, you wonder, she’s all about love then? No! this last one had us bluffing all through 2016.

  • Foreign: Another collaboration with Falz, Simi, and Falz had us digging into our inner Pinnochio and dishing out our best lies. Unlike most of her 2016 songs that had a lot to do with love, Simi bluffed a lot in this song and we saw the playful Simi and it was amazing. That year, different incredible aka “fabus” story was being shared by many Nigerians, they all tried to outdo themselves and it was a really jolly good time. Photo Credit: Getty

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