TBT: 5 Kid Shows That Rocked Our Childhood

Leaving childhood behind most times is never fun but its something we all go through, there are a few things that made the ride somewhat interesting and fun and of those things where the kid shows.  So here are five kids shows that rocked our childhood
1. The Flintstones:
This show about a stone age family was everything from educational to comedy to downright entertaining and as adults, we are not ashamed to say we would still like to sit down and enjoy another episode.
2. Tom and Jerry:
This show which is about a never-ending rivalry between a mouse and a cat, it kept us glued to our TV screen and what fascinated us about the show was Tom and Jerry never uttered a word throughout the span of the show.
3. Silver Hawk:

This show is about a space crime fighter and his journey in fighting crime which made us wake up early to turn on our TV to STV around 6 am before heading to school.
4. Avatar: The Last Air Bender: 
This show made us spilt ourselves between the four nations and was the highlight of our weekdays afternoon. we were both mixed with joy and sadness when we finally saw the end of the fire lord which only meant the end of the show.
5. Spongebob:

This show introduced us to our favourite person who resides under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants, he brought joy and laughter to us and how I wish we can just get a taste of that famous Krappy Paddie. Photo Credit: Getty


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