TBT: 5 Iconic Nigerian Hairstyles That Were In Vogue In The ’90s

Hair fashion is a major part of the Nigerian fashion scene, it changes just as the fashion styles changes. Over the years, we have seen numerous revolution of hairstyles, some recycled, some created newly, all rocked at a certain period. So we will be looking at awesome hairstyles that were rocked ten years ago. These hairs were the bomb! You are not rocking one, you are not up-to-date and you are definitely not a kokonista. Weave-ons and braids were the major hair fashion in vogue ten years ago and many looked stunning in it. Two-step Ghana weaving: This hairstyle was everything beautiful in 2009! You hardly walk on the street without seeing one of this on a lady’s head. Some mixed with two colours of hair attachment, some single colours, either way, this style was rocked beautifully by many and it was definitely one of the iconic hairstyles from 2009. 

Curled Twisting: Oh! the memories, this hairstyle was the darling of many ladies in 2009. The beautiful thing about this braid is that it can be rocked for as long as you like, though keeping it for too long affected many natural hairs, many still rocked it for as long as they could.

Ghana weaving shuku: The hairstyle ‘shuku’ itself has and is still a favourite amongst many Nigerian ladies, so when the Ghana weaving trend came, it was only natural that they adapted this style to it. Many different Ghana weavings were experimented with and lots of ladies tried outdoing themselves in this department. One of this such moment is this unique Shuku Ghana weaving hairstyle. Although it consumes lots of hair attachment, it was still rocked by many ‘big girls’.

Curly synthetic weave-ons: The fact that this popular beautiful ladies, Omotola and Genevieve rocked this hairstyle, then you should know that it was one of the loved hairstyles in 2009. Many celebrities and non-celebrities donned these curly synthetic weave-ons and trust them to serve all the amazing looks. 

Pick and Drop: This style is the absolute definition of iconic 2009 hairstyle, it was truly a favourite. Many variations of it were rocked back in 2009 including the ones dropped at the tip, the ones dropped not too far from the braided part, some curled and some straightened in the form of a weave on. Photo Credit: Getty


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