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TBT: 5 Books That Was A Must Read For All Children Of The 90’s

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Back in the 90’s, there are few books that weaved their way through all areas of basic education. These books found their way into the heart of every child irrespective of his/her study interest. Some of them were fun to read for all and sundry, while others stood tall as an eternal nightmare to a good number of students. They include:
1) Queen Premier: This was one of the first books ever child of the 90’s ever read. It was the foundation upon which our English-speaking skill blossomed on. In simple terms, Queen Premier was the first of the first. Every book that came before it was read to us, and every book that came after it was built on it.
2) The Janet And John Series: Memories of the Janet and John series go way back into the nursery school days of every child of the 90’s. We happily read along, as our teacher guided us through this ever green book. Though the stories in the series were not built around the Nigerian setting, we all read along with ease due to then colourful image that accompanied every page.
3) Macmillan Primary English Course: This tales of this book will never be forgotten. It was a compulsory book for all and sundry, and unlike its contemporaries, it was worth it. The stories in this book will remain ever green in the heart and mind of all children born in the 90’s. Among its numerous qualities, this book contained the legendary Ali and Simbi tales.
4) Understanding Mathematics: This never-ending book was a bundle of happiness to math geeks and an eternal nightmare to those that hated maths. The cover of this book was the first place some of us ever saw the colours of the rainbow. Students were meant to study all topics in their text-book, but it is safe to say that no child ever achieved that herculean task.
5) Ralia The Sugar Girl: This was the first ever novel 80% of children born in the 90’s ever finished. It was simply the best. The plot was perfect. The setting was imaginable, and the entire story eventually became a memory worth taking to the grave. It’s quite sad that the writer of this book was not celebrated, but we can boldly say that this book will always retain a spot for itself in the heart and mind of every child born in the 90’s
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