Birds And Sparrow! T-boss Responds To Her Father’s Curse Is Totally Biblical

Tboss has responded to her father’s curse with quotes from the bible.
Following the conversation between Mr Idowu and troll @Ophilia_drank on Instagram, a lot of followers and fans of Tboss have been concerned about the relationship the man has with his children; what even gave them great concern most was the curse he placed on Tboss regarding marriage.
In response to this curse, the sultry ex BBNaija housemate and public figure has decided to go spiritual, especially in the Christian way to negate her father’s utterances towards her.
She took to her Instagram stories to share a Bible verse which clearly references a curse being negated. It quote was taken from Proverbs 26:2.
Proverbs 26:2 reads:
“For as a bird flying over to high things, and as a sparrow going into uncertain; so cursing brought forth without reasonable cause shall come above into some man.”

Photo credit: Getty, officialtboss_


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