Tania Omotayo’s Barely 3 Weeks Marriage Hit With Raw Scandal, She Responds

Tania Omotayo koko tv ng The barely 3 weeks old marriage of Fashion entrepreneur, Tania Omotayo, has been hit with a raw scandal. The stunning beauty who once dated starboy Wizkid, tied the knot in a  traditional wedding ceremony with Olasumbo, a co-owner of popular Lagos lounge and restaurant – Buzzbar, has found herself in a dirty scandal.  Issues started when an Instagram account (@_ods_ods) which reportedly belongs to Tania’s hubby surfaced online a few days ago to bash one of his ex-girlfriend who allegedly has been making attempts to ruin his marriage. The account shared some explicit contents about his ex with a photo he tagged a girl named Tolu who was seen, half-naked, on a bed FaceTiming with someone.  Tania, has however taken to her iG account to debunk the rumors saying that her marriage is very fine. “He doesn’t even have an Instagram account. You guys need to try harder lol there is no trouble in my own paradise sha.” Photo Credit: Getty


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