KOKO Junior: Meet Taiyemise Oni and Samuel Olukoremiwa, Nigerian Tech-Savvy Kids

KOKO Junior: Meet Taiyemise Oni and Samuel Olukoremiwa, Nigerian Tech-Savvy Kids
Amongst the numerous Nigerian kids who are doing well in the paths they have defined for themselves and taken interest in, are 9 year-old Taiyemise Oni and 14-year-old Samuel Olukoremiwa whose tech knowledge amazes.
The world has evolved into a global village, making its inhabitants try and catch up with it. Nigeria amidst the change is still behind schedule. While some Nigerian schools have introduced Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes into the curriculum in a bid to meet up with international standards,  some parents saw an opportunity to brace their kids up for the future by signing up for virtual stem classes. Two of these lucky children are Taiyemise and Daniel.
In an interview with Guardian Life, the duo gave rude awakening as they were paned through the questions with responses like adults. Their replies and composure were not expected of kids their age and their confidence in their choices and personalities outweigh reasoning, but you will always meet outliers
Here are what you should know about them:
1. Oni Oluwataiyemise Mercy is a Basic 5 pupil from Osun State while Samuel Olukoremiwa is an SS2 from Ogun State, Abeokuta to be precise.
2. The duo love the web designing aspect of computer programming, and the teenager is already working on a loan giving firm’s website.
3. Taiyemise, who also plays the saxophone, developed his interest in web designing and tech after attended a virtual coding class held during the pandemic but Samuel had given himself in to know tech, and started watching YouTube videos to improve. Amazing sturv, ain’t it?
4. On the problems they can solve, Taiyemise can deal with marketing and communication problems while Samuel on the other hand, just wants to get people off the hook of technological unawareness.
5. Understanding the role of the Government in every aspect of a citizen’s life, Taiyemise hopes the FG improved power supply so there will be enough to power our gadgets, He also wishes that programmes be created to help kids learn more about tech. Samuel on the other hand while agreeing on power supply demand, hopes that the fee of data charge be reduced.
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6. Both tech-savvies sure have plans for the generation coming after them despite still being children themselves. Taiyemise wants to train his children the way he raised but not express his disappointment when they make mistakes or do not know some things. He prefers the African way and African culture of raising kids, with an infusion of exposition to technology in early years. Samuel, in line with the problems he wishes to solves, just wants to make his coming generation more technologically aware.Photos Credit: Getty

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