Health Corner: 10 Signs That May Indicate Prostate Cancer

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer koko tv ng 1There are certain symptoms of prostate cancer men need to look out for as it may save their lives.

There are some symptoms of prostate cancer that can help in early diagnosis of the disease. Did you know that 1 in 5 men will have prostate benign prostate hypoplasia? That’s just fancy talk for enlarged prostate. This predisposes you to cancer. If you do the maths, you’ll realise that this article is more important than you think.
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The prostate gland is this small organ located below the bladder which is why the symptoms are urine related. Let’s look at them


If you see blood anywhere, in your urine or semen, there is a problem. The body is so perfectly designed that blood definitely should not be in any of those two fluids. Therefore, seeing it obviously means trouble.

Poor Stream

Do you remember when you were young and you used to play who could pee the farthest or maybe you remember drawing with you pe?. It sounds gross but boys will be boys. This ability, the force is called stream. When you notice your stream is slow or maybe you become unable to maintain it, that’s a red flag that something might be wrong.

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If you ever wake up just to pee, you have nocturia. It sounds innocuous as you now realise you might have done it before. I don’t mean someone woke you up and you go to pee or you wanted water at night and decide to void as well. Nocturia is when the urge to pee wakes you up from sleep. It could be as a result of anything from an STD to cancer and is a sign that you need a visit to the urologist.


This is when you’re done peeing, you put your ding-dong back in, look done and notice that wet spot. If you know what I mean, make that urologist appointment now, if you don’t, look out for it. this is a bad sign and needs to be seen by a doctor immediately.


Any pain is bad but pain on urination is just a bit worse. Most people associate pain on urination with STDs but surprise, you just might have cancer instead.
You get to work and within an hour, you go pee. In thirty minutes, you need to pee again, in another twenty minutes, the toilet is calling. If this is you then something is wrong. This is a symptom of prostate cancer that should definitely not be ignored.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer koko tv ng 6Retention

This one here is a medical emergency. It is painful. Simply put, it is the inability to void. The prostate gland gets enlarged in this form of cancer and since it is located right beneath the bladder, it could occlude the urethra and cause you to be unable to pass urine. It is one of the commonest presenting symptoms of prostate cancer.

Erectile dysfunction

This is the one that will get people to the hospital faster. When your ding-dong stops working, it’s an emergency to every man so I don’t need to tell you to see a doctor, you’re probably reading this from a hospital.
The sad part is sometimes there are no symptoms of prostate cancer so it has advanced before some people get help.Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer koko tv ng 2 Photo Credit: Getty

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