Swanky Jerry Gives His Suit A Futuristic Makeover As He Attends Glitz Style Awards

Celebrity stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo aka Swanky Jerry went futuristic for his glitz style awards get up.

The star, like Zynnell Zuh who also attended the event, played with gold as he was decked in an all-gold ensemble. He rocked a double-breasted gold suit which featured flowery pattern on them. For his shirt, he donned a white turtle neck shirt and a black shoe. He brought on the drama with his gold robotic headgear as he accessorized with gold rings.

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Swanky Jerry had an outfit change as he received style influencer and stylist Africa awards. Sharing the inspiration for the military suit, he wrote: “MILITARY ZOON … DON’T TRESPASS … I wore this camo blazer on the stage of @glitzafrica awards 2019 ,where I was being honored for my impact as “STYLE INFLUENCER AND STYLIST AFRICA “ to pay homage to my late father who gave his life in service for the safety of others…….. I know you can see me fucking shit up and you must be proud of the BEAST I HAVE BECOME …. JEREMIAH WEAK IS NOT WHAT THEY WOULD REMEMBER OF YOU …. you taught me to be strong and fearless … to love and to assist those in need whether they seek it or not … I’m riding on the wave you put me on ….. I remember going to school with military army green Cars with the Nigerian flag on it and my dad would point at the flag and say to me make your country proud wherever you GO …. I’m making sure of that…….. ghana knew they had a guest ….. BREAKING NECKS SINCE 1700 ……..SON OF A SOLDIER …. ✌?Don’t be afraid to say congratulations ? “STYLE INFLUENCER AND STYLIST AFRICA. #swankyjerry #king #stylist #influencer #NOSWANKYNOSTYLING #wemove . #glitzafrica”

Photo Credit: Swanky Jerry

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