#SurvivingRKelly: Meet Two Of The Women Sexually Abused By The Singer

The internet is agog with the talk of the sexual abuse multiple women had to endure in the hands of singer R Kelly for years. With several women accusing Kelly of sexual, mental and physical abuse, some of them spoke to Rolling Stone. one of the women Asante McGee said;“It doesn’t go away – you always live with it because it’s the person that you see on TV,” says Lizzette Martinez, detailing the effects of the alleged abuse. “You hear the music, so getting over it doesn’t really happen. You just live with it … I was 17. I was a child. He took away my innocence. He took me off the path that I was on. He changed my life forever.”“R. Kelly is this loving, fun guy that everybody sees, but Robert – he’s the devil,” she says. “You pretty much had to have permission to do whatever, from eating to bathing.” Another woman Drea Kelly, who was in a relationship with the musician for nearly 13 years – including almost 10 years of marriage said;  “They’re my biggest supporters,” she says. “They’re the ones who tell me, ‘Mom, you gotta get out of bed today.’ They’re the ones who tell me, ‘Mom, tell your story because you’re going to save someone’s life.’ This is going to crush their world because they have to come to the reality that this monster they describe is also [their] father. But my kids also told me, ‘But mom, the hero everybody sees is our mom.’”r kelly Photo Credit: Getty

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