Meet Kristen Snider, The Plastic Surgery Addict With Size 28L Boobs And Have Spent Over £150K On Procedures

A plastic surgery addict who has spent nearly £150,000 on surgery – including having a rib removed – has said she won’t stop until she’s achieved her ideal look.

Kristen Snider
Kristen Snider is a Plastic Surgery Addict

Despite family fears that the obsession “will kill her” 28-year-old Kristen Snider says she plans to get more surgery. The IT support specialist from Virginia, US, explained she had always wanted to change her figure.

Over the last nine years, Kristen has had multiple butt lifts, nose jobs, boob implants, bum implants, lip fillers, cheek and forehead implants, fat removal and even a rib removal. “I was frequently made fun of in school and that forced me to learn to not care what other people think of myself and my choices,” explained Kristen.

Kristen Snider
Kristen Snider removed her ribs

“Being a perfectionist, ambitious and creative is a quick way to become a plastic surgery addict. I never used to like what I saw in the mirror as I wasn’t happy with my body. I saw a lot that I didn’t like which I wanted to improve.”

So at 18, Kristen had her first breast augmentation, enhancing her 32B chest with 550cc implants. “I wanted to have a fuller chest, so I had my first breast implants which were 550cc, costing $7,200. After surgery, I was so happy that I actually cried. It made me realise that if you’re smart about how you do it, you really can have almost anything done and achieve whatever look you want.”

Kristen revealed that after her first surgery, she “caught the bug for more”. “The recovery wasn’t bad, and it proved that what I wanted was possible. The image of the ideal body that I had in my head could be achieved,” she revealed.

Since then, Kristen has had over 20 procedures and now has size 28L breasts. “I view my body as a canvas and surgery as the tool to achieve the image I have of myself in my head,” she said. “I’ve always wanted extreme curves and I’m a very sexual person. In the last nine years, surgery has opened the door for me to express myself through my image. I feel that if nobody is being hurt and you’re happy, then what we choose to do with our bodies should be respected.”

Revealing that she has spent nearly £150,000 on surgery already, Kristen explained she wants to spend at least another £23k – despite her family being concerned that one day, the obsession “could kill her”.

“My family doesn’t like it as they’ve always been more conventional in what they consider attractive. They worry that one day this could kill me.”

Living in Virginia, Kristen explains it’s not just her family that are conventional, revealing she often gets nasty glances and stares. “I get lots of stares from men checking me out and sometimes from women as well,” she revealed.

“However, living in Virginia, where people are very conservative, I occasionally get nasty glances and side eyes. I’m used to it though as I have a very thick skin – you have to when you do this to your body. There are many procedures I’d still like to have in the future though. I’d like to have a rib narrowing procedure, implants in my hips and thighs, another breast augmentation to take me to 2500cc and more facial reshaping. I’m constantly learning about new procedures and adding them to my list, so I’m sure the list will continue to grow. We all have our own opinions on what is beautiful. We can’t try to push our ideals on others. I also believe that if you’re unhappy with something you should never settle, you should fight for a solution to make it work instead. Surgical techniques are always improving so there’s a way to change almost anything. I think we should all focus on growing and evolving. Most importantly, be accepting of other peoples’ choices. Be kind, all that matters is happiness.”

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