Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young Ladies

For age long, Sugar Daddyism has been a trend and no-one seems to be able to trace how it started, but the closest to what we can call the evolution of the name “Sugar Daddy” is the story of Adolph Spreckel, heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, married a woman who was 24 years younger than him and called him “Sugar Daddy”.
From every search engine to discussions, all people knew is that some older men (and women – Sugar Mummies) find pleasure in ladies and gents way younger than they are and has now become a trend in the society so much that young women most especially find it difficult do well for themselves without alleged to be in a relationship with a Sugar Daddy. Across the world, it is quite a popular phenomenon, though with different names and slight variations in respect to the various locations and societies. In Nigeria, it has upgraded from this generic name to become Sugar Daddy.
Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young Ladies
Following the acquisition of her new car, actress Destiny Etiko was accused of having an affair with married rich oil mogul, Jack Rich
A search on Google said the first use of the term Sugar Daddy didn’t appear until the early 1900s. According to the search, Adolph Spiracles, a Californian businessman who ran Spreckels Sugar Company and heir to the Sugar fortune of his father, who was affectionately referred to as a Sugar Daddy by his wife Alma who was 24 years younger than him. Wala!, this seems to clarify the idea of why the sugar babies are almost twice the ages of their Sugar Daddies – fresh, young and full of adventures while the Daddies are old, well-to-do and fresh-blood seeking. The former prefer younger, attractive women because they are more fertile and the latter prefer older, successful men because they can provide.
Another quick search availed a range of webpages and articles and the one that caught the attention of this reader the most are ‘What Do Sugar Daddies Want?’ “Instead, Sugar Daddies are looking for a great partner to enjoy the best of life with them, transparently and splendidly. Since they are incredibly successful in their careers, Daddies enjoy sharing their wealth, knowledge, experiences, and magical moments with their Sugar Babies, a click on the arrow-down web item revealed. Again, this explains the whole concept and ideology behind the Sugar Daddy act – one old and experienced man needs a fresh and young blood, who is broke and cannot live the life she wants. This brings us to the painful point of this writer.
Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young LadiesEvery time the Sugar Daddy concept is discussed, the younger females involved are always looked with the bad eye, termed desperate, irresponsible and heaped on with the guilt and blames of the world, while the men are simply called “Agbaya”. Why does the world not keep the same energy in shaming, bashing and condemnation of parties involved in this decadence?
This is not a feministic thing or thought but it takes two to tango and pretty much of the Sugar Daddy situations did not start with a move from the young females – NO! The men do the chasing so most times, the Daddies are the ones hunting. Of course this writer isn’t going to feign ignorance to the fact that some sugar babies too are desperate to give all it takes, due to whatever reason, to make money and live the lives that their parents and they cannot afford, and so they make advances first to these rich aging/aged men. The writer is also aware that these kinds of females do not appreciate men who will not have anything with them but give them godly and moral pieces of advices, encouraging them to work hard and be a persons of integrity by and for themselves. Still, she believes there is a lot of faults and responsibilities to be taken by the men in the Sugar Daddies WhatsApp Group.Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young Ladies
Sex for roles in the movie industry, sex for grades in Education, sex for favor, promotion and contracts in places of work and governance, and in the many other forms that they manifest are all subordinates of the Sugar Daddy concept, just that the end product of these mentioned ones is the overrated minutes of pleasure – sex – and not necessarily a relationship. This concept has so eaten deep in the society that people who have no intention whatsoever to engage in the the act find it difficult to live lives and do things they are supposed to do. Some of these Daddies will stop at nothing to unnecessarily frustrate the efforts of the young ladies if they do not succumb to their biddings. Life doesn’t come easy, true, but these other unnatural pressure and hinderances make things more unbearable. In the society today, good morals and living the life of hardworking and patience do not bring the good success anymore, it is the life of connection and how much of your body can give to achieve your goals. This has not only taken away the integrity of the society at large, but keeps the society decayed and rotten, and only God knows what next it will become.
If the whole Sugar Daddy saga helps to curb infidelity especially in men, in marriages, reduce the rate of abortions and unwanted pregnancies, lead to great marriages and stop some other vices in the society, maybe it would have been a pleasant act. Most of these Sugar Daddies and the young men who are not daddies (including young men having side chics) leave their homes uncared for, their children to suffer, their spouses to be lonely, breeding unbearable marriages. Many of the Daddies do not even stop at one sugar baby, they have shifts and rotation to their sugar babies’ roaster and schedule. For some sect of Sugar Daddies, sugar babies are changed like clothes. You may call this Nollywood effect but many Sugar Daddies dump their babies when pregnancy comes because they didn’t sign up for that, and the baby is left with two options – caring alone for the unborn or flushing the unborn child out and continuing enjoying the sugar lifestyle. Some others will die in the process of the abortion, have complications in their health and body system and many more. For how long does the society continue to be reckless like this? A sugar baby recently committed suicide simply because her married sugar Daddy left her for someone else unexplained? How is this a good news to the society? In as much as she takes the blame for being involved with another person’s man, why do we not talk about the man that left his wife to engage young hearts, chasing until he finally gets them and then leaves to pursue another? Isn’t that wickedness? and they just go on and on with the society saying ‘men will always be men’.Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young Ladies
Many children are shamed by their parents (mothers inclusive) running after younger ones their age, and would not feel comfortable no matter how much they try. Yes, the parents have their lives to live but doesn’t stop this act from being shameful. Low key, this act has affected the mental health of many young people, who do not engage in it. They look down on their efforts and need motivation that they are doing well enough to get past each day. The unsaid peer pressure, low self-esteem and feelings of non-belonging have slid many into depression and sometimes, suicide.
Arguments may arise that the ladies involved are of course of consenting age and at such, make the decisions by themselves and enjoy the whole situation. Yes, true and of course, age difference in relationships do not matter but these daddies need to stop aiding and abetting the decaying situation of the society. If you need a companion as, get one and stop preying and hunting, you’re not an eagle! After all, the concept of Sugar Daddy as seen above, was a man and his wife, not all of these situations we see in the society today. If you need to and can help a youngster, do so without asking for sex in return. These things make life difficult and proves you to be an evil person preying on the weak. If any comes your way so desperate, your single act of not bulging goes a long way.Sugar Daddies Are To Be Blamed And Not The Young Ladies TRENDING VIDEO OF THE DAY: You Are A Con Man & A Liar – Asari Dokubo Blasts Nnamdi Kanu Photos Credit: Getty

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