My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura

On this edition of My Style, we will be featuring the dazzling blogger Adetutu Olatawura the creative mind behind the captivating and inspiring ‘’ blog. The lifestyle and fashion blogger, uses her blog as a medium of sharing about her life experience, take on parenting and more all with a touch of fashion.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 1KOKO TV: How would you describe your style?

TUTU: My style is clean and classic. I invest in pieces that can be worn years from now. I believe in less is more with a touch of drama.

  1. KOKO TV: Who (and what) inspired your fashion style?

TUTU: It’s not necessarily who, it’s more like who I wanted to be. I am inspired by The Genevieve and Omotola personas. If you look at some of the characters they play, they are bad ass woman who command respect. That is what inspired my fashion. I always wanted to be one of those women who walked into a room and commanded attention with not only my fashion sense but with my demeanour. A hard-working business woman who is considered a “B” but is also revered at the same time.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 2KOKO TV: Who is your fashion, beauty and style icon? 

TUTU: Bonang Matheba hands down. She is a lady of class and elegance and I am here for it. I love how effortless she makes runway dresses look, she is truly queen at what she does. My dream is to style her someday.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 3KOKO TV: What was your style like as a teen?

TUTU: Believe it or not I was a “sneaker head.” Whatever the new Jordan’s was, I had it. Jeans and a tee with the latest sneakers was my forte and you couldn’t tell me I was the baddest.

KOKO TV: What’s your go to make-up trick?

TUTU: This is a tough one. A trick I use is doing my eyebrows before putting on foundation, that way I can use my NYX Born to Glow illuminating primer to clean off the concealed areas. Nothing worse than looking like I have train tracks on my face.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 4KOKO TV: What brands you’d give your first-born to own.

TUTU: If we are talking makeup brand, I’m falling in love with NARS. Their product is just so clean on the skin and gives a wonderful glow.

KOKO TV: What is your make-up bag essential?

TUTU: Makeup sponge and brush. If you want a clean finish, you need clean makeup sponge and brush, no ifs about it.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 5KOKO TV: What’s your shoe of choice? Heels? Wedge? Platform? Flatties?

TUTU: Heeled sandals. There isn’t an outfit in this world that a nude sandal cannot compliment.

KOKO TV: You have the hardest time getting dressed for?

TUTU: My birthday. I usually overdress in general for every occasion so when it comes to my birthday, I feel I can never find something worthy enough. It’s like I’ve used all my good outfits on regular events and I can’t find anything worthy enough of such glorious day.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 6KOKO TV: What is your daily beauty regime?

TUTU: I have dry skin so I must use a hydrating moisturizing daily and my go to lately has been my the PUR soak it up intense hydrating moisturizer.

KOKO TV: What accessory is it that you cannot live without? 

TUTU: Diamond stud earrings. I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewellery. But nothing beats a slick back hair with diamond stud earrings. It might not seem like much but it makes a world of difference.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 7KOKO TV: How long do you spend doing your make-up yourself?

TUTU: Give me 20 minutes and I’m good but give me a good 45 minutes and I’ll WOW you.

KOKO TV: On weekends, you’re most often spotted wearing?

TUTU: A midi length jumpsuit with nude sandals.

KOKO TV: Which living person do you most admire, and why?

TUTU: I admire Bonang Matheba and Toke Makinwa. I look up to women who break barriers and make their own rules no matter the adversity. And I love how they look good doing it too. They make us African women feel liberated and alive.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 8KOKO TV: Where is your favourite under-the-radar place to shop?

TUTU: That’s my shameless plug. This is my new apparel line we’ve been working on. Do check it out

KOKO TV: What’s the cheapest and most expensive thing in your make-up bag?

TUTU: The cheapest thing that so happen to be my favourite is my NYX matte liquid lipsticks. To be honest with you, that’s the best $6 I’ve ever spent. Most expensive is probably my Lancôme pro oil free primer.

KOKO TV: Is there anyone’s hair and make-up you admire?

TUTU: Ciara be killing it with the lace fronts. She’s the queen of side swoop and I’m a sucker for a good swoop.  When it comes to makeup, I’m stuck between her and Rihanna honestly. They always have that natural finished look to them and I’m here for it.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 9KOKO TV: What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?

TUTU: I would have to say shaving my eyebrows off when I younger but I hear this is common among us girls.

KOKO TV Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

TUTU: This is so complicated. I honestly cannot just pick one but if I had to it would be Rihanna. I honestly would just wanna party with her, she looks very fun.

KOKO TV: Favourite perfume and make-up brand?

TUTU: Favourite perfume right now is my Daisy by Marc Jacobs and favourite makeup brand right now is NARS

KOKO TV: Favourite way to travel?

TUTU: Flying. Driving drives me insane. Can you imagine just driving for hours, all while sitting in one spot when I can just fly and get there hours quicker.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 10KOKO TV: Favourite clothing store?

TUTU: Zara. I can wear any and everything from them.

KOKO TV: Lucky number and favourite colour?

TUTU: They say 3rd time is a charm so 3 is my lucky number. I do not have a favorite colour because it depends on the season and my mood.

KOKO TV: What are your favourite sunglasses?

TUTU: I am not a sunnies kind of person. I own a few but I can honestly live without them.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 11KOKO TV: What is your best style advice?

TUTU: Dress for your body type. Not everything looks good on everyone.

KOKO TV: Who is your favourite designer?

TUTU: Andrea Iyamah hands down. If I could describe my style using one designer, its Andrea Iyamah. The clean tailored tasteful pieces she creates embodies what I aspire my fashion style to evolve to.

KOKO TV: What are your opinions on cosmetic surgery?

TUTU: It’s so funny because before I had my son my answer would have been why would you want to do that? Now my answer is do what makes you happy.My Style: Meet The Flawless Stylish Blogger, Adetutu Olatawura 12Credit: Adetutu Olatawura


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