My Style: Meet Elizabeth Okoh AKA Sewa Folie Whose Taste In Fashion Is Incredibly Diverse


Lize Okoh, a twenty something years old millennial with the penchant for storytelling and wander-lusting. She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and later relocated to England where she furthered her education and graduated with a joint honours degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Sussex. Throughout the years, she pursued other interests but inevitably returned to her love for art and fiction. On this edition, she takes KOKOTV through her eclectic style.

How would you describe your style?
My style is eclectic. I mostly love statement pieces and outfits that I don’t have to fuss over during the day. It’s also important for me to feel comfortable. I don’t believe in enduring pain to slay an outfit.
What was your style like as a teen?
I was somewhere between girly and tomboyish.
What’s your go to make-up trick?
My favourite go to makeup look is a gold eyeshadow, a cat eyeliner to emphasise my eyes and a classic red lips. Adding blush and highlighter completes the look perfectly.
What brands you’d give your first-born to own?
I either love an item or not. I don’t go with the hype of trends or designers.
What is your make-up bag essential?
An eyeliner and lipstick.

What’s your shoe of choice? Heels? Wedge? Platform? Flatties?
I love wedges. They can be dressed up or down!
You have the hardest time getting dressed for?
Do I go casual or all out? But then I don’t want to look like I thought too much about it or didn’t try at all. What a dilemma! lol
What accessory is it that you cannot live without?
My rings. One I bought in Fes, Morocco and the other gifted to me from Israel
How long do you spend doing your make-up yourself?
If it’s a simple everyday look then 20- 25 minutes. If I’m going all out and taking my time, then it takes over an hour.

On weekends, you’re most often spotted wearing?
Jeans and a comfortable tee and flats. Although these days I’m trying to put in more effort because there are so many outfits I end up not wearing and then give it away to charity.
Which living person do you most admire, and why?
There are loads because they inspire me to work hard at what I want and live the life of my dreams. Some are Paola Mathe, Yagazie Emezi, Asiyami Gold, Lupita Nyongo.
Where is your favourite under-the-radar place to shop?
I mostly shop at popular online stores, so not really under-the-radar. Asos, Missguided, Pretty little thing, are the usual. But last month I went to a thrift shop and got really good bargains for my autumn staples.
What’s the cheapest and most expensive thing in your make-up bag?
Cheapest would be my pencil eyeliner and most expensive is my foundation.

Is there anyone’s hair and make-up you admire?
I love Whitney Madueke’s styling of her natural hair and she knows how to work her makeup!

What was your most embarrassing fashion moment?
A day in college when I styled a t-shirt exactly the same way as another student.
Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
Missy Elliott, Lupita Nyongo, Sade Adu, Paola Mathe of FindingPaola, Yagazie Emezi, Eva Alordiah, Ycee, John Legend and many more.
Favourite way to travel?
By air. I love being above ground and so close to the clouds.
Lucky number and favourite colour?
Number 4 and burgundy
What are your favourite sunglasses?
I’m not particular about brands. I love a good cat eye shaped sunglasses or aviators. They suit my face shape the best!
What is your best style advice?
Be yourself and wear what you like. Dress for yourself because trying to impress someone else wouldn’t be true style. Most importantly, exude confidence in whatever you choose to wear.

Photo Credit: Sewa Folie

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