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Strictly Ladies: Self-Love Is Crucial, Here’s Five Ways To Build A Better Relationship With Yourself

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How you see yourself is probably more important than what everyone else thinks about you. After all, at the end of the day, you have to be with yourself anyway.

Can you handle it? If you’re constantly belittling yourself, comparing yourself and thinking you’re not good enough, chances are, you will never see any good in other people as well. Negative thoughts tend to stick and with time you grow into an unpleasant person without realising it.

Self-love plays a huge role on your mental health and general outlook of life. It is the true foundation you will need in building intimate relationships especially when it comes to your husband, wife or children.

You need to identify those facets in your life you consider undesirable and if you can’t change them, find a way to accept them rather than trying to edit yourself to fit into unachievable worldly standards.Although it doesn’t happen overnight, here are a few practices you can look into to change your mindset and have a better relationship with yourself:
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Accept yourself: 
It can be very sad that after living all your life in this world all you did was obsess over things like your weight and looks rather than enjoying the free gift of life God gave you. We all have body issues and if we could, there is that one thing we would like to change. But you know what? You learn how to accept it and love yourself as you are.

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You will be amazed just how little people pay attention to the things you are most sensitive about. Once you accept yourself and exude confidence it gives off a certain vibe and energy that actually makes you appear more attractive.
Forget what you can’t change and work on those negative thoughts and behavior that need to be checked instead.
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Practice self-care: One of the foundational blocks of self-love is self-care. What are you eating? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you working out? Your body and health will reflect on whether or not you are taking good care of yourself.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring your body and taking it for granted. It only takes a single illness or injury to change your life completely. Therefore, practice some gratitude and give your body the best of what it deserves.

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Be positive: One of the best ways to change those negative words in your head is by speaking positive affirmations to yourself. After a nice shower stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself, ‘’I am beautifully and wonderfully made,’’ and ‘’I deserve to be happy.’’
It may not work immediately but your mind will start believing those words and eventually so will you.

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Do something nice for yourself: This does not have to cost any money. You can set aside an hour or two everyday where you can enjoy a nice soak, a good read or watching your favorite show over a hot cup of cocoa.

Before long you will be looking forward to spending alone time. And from that, you start learning who you are and what you like.

Spend time with your tribe: People either bring out the good or bad in us. Choose who you surround yourself with wisely. Family and friends have a way of bringing out our inner child and allowing us to be ourselves.

When you’re in the company of loved ones or with those you share the same interests or hobbies with, you create a certain bond that helps you feel happy and accepted. Look for people who take you as you are and deposit love into your emotional, physical and mental accounts.

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