Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Strictly Ladies: No More Free Sex, Cooking And Cleaning For Him, You’re Just His Girlfriend, Not His Bloody Wife…YET

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Nigerians I’ve always said are greedy, weird and most times illogical people. Truth be told there are many things that puzzle me; first on my list is why and how every Nigerian celebrity thinks we believe they can afford to buy authentic Gucci or Versace for their every outing and live in a big new duplex in Lekki without any side or undeclared ‘hustle’. I also don’t understand why most Nigerians on social media act as if they have a money tree growing in their backyard and yet when you actually see them you’ll shout MOGBE!

Another is why these days, to become a popular female celebrity you have to have well defined hips, full-augmented boobs and spot long fake wavy hair. Then there is the issue of men walking around in skinny jeans and sunglasses in nightclubs. Quite frankly, that’s mind boggling!

Wife of the year

Firstly, you are not a wife, and second because you are not a wife you have no business doing wifely things like cooking and cleaning for a man who is not your husband. Third, what is more fun than being a girlfriend,  I mean you are wooed, showered with gifts and treated like a queen.

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And before you call me a prude, or overly traditional, I am none of the above. In fact I like to think of myself as a realist.

So before you get your panties in a twist, there is nothing wrong with visiting your man and having him cook and take care of you, and then maybe once in a while making a meal worthy of kings just to let him know that in case he is searching you have the skills.

You have to be strategic and not go around giving everything out for free!

Recently a boyfriend asked me to leave the comfort of my bachelorette pad where I do not have to look after anyone but myself, and move in with him in order to give him free sex, wash his boxer shorts and cook pounded yam and Efo-riro for his leisure and pleasure. So basically he was asking for a wife for the price of a girlfriend.

Everyone’s doing it: I asked him to declare his intentions and all he could come up with was, “Everyone is doing it, all my friends live with their girlfriends, plus it is a great way to see if we can live together.”

Note, however, that there was no promise, and no commitment but I was expected to blindly leave the comfort of my single life and go pretend to be a wife (which I have come to discover is a lot of work) for nothing, not even a promise!

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The man probably thought I was a fool, why again would I give my milk away for free? If you want to play house, show me a ring, pay dowry and give me a wedding, if not let’s just have fun and be girlfriend and boyfriend.

Buy the cow, don’t come here and try to drink milk for free!

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