Strictly Ladies: Five Things That Happens To Your Body After Getting Intimate

After a good sex routine the next thing in your mind could be a cuddle, a chat, a feel-good snack or better yet, an endorphin filled nap. But that is not always the case. Sometimes your body has different plans.You may begin to experience itchiness, some soreness and in some cases may experience some discharge making it next to impossible to relax as your mind starts racing and your body starts working overtime. Should this be something you’re familiar with or not, here are a few things that may occur to your body after sex.1. Soreness: On paper, sex is not supposed to hurt. So, we’ve heard. But in reality, painful sex happens and it could be due to a number of reasons. At times, women experience some cramping in the uterus after reaching orgasm. This is because sexual activity releases oxytocin and that causes uterine contractions. Other health conditions like endometriosis can also make you feel sore after sex. While it is nothing to worry about, if it interferes with your sex life seek medical help as this could be an indication of endometriosis, fibroids or even ovarian cancer.2. Burning sensation: While it may be a scary feeling it may not be serious. The reason this may happen is because there could be some engorgement of vaginal tissues and since the urethra is so closely situated to the vagina, that can cause temporary burning or stinging with urinating after sex. Good thing is, it should be temporary and very brief.3. Itching: If you find yourself having an annoying scratch after sex, you may have reacted to a gel, lubrication or condom. If it persists, seek medical help.4. Urinary Tract Infection: According to statistics, one out of every five women will experience a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. And as you may have guessed, sex is the leading culprit. The act of having sex can transfer bacteria from the bowel to the vaginal cavity and up to the urethra causing an itchy, burning, painful infection. To reduce chances of contacting, use the bathroom within 30 minutes after sex. This will flush out the bacteria that may have found its way to the urethra.5. Spotting: Before you get concerned, we’re not talking about major flow of blood that signals an emergency, no! it is a spot or a little dot of blood. The most common cause would be an inflammation of the cervix that gets contracted during sex. The vagina can also tear just a little during particularly rough sex or even when you change partners (especially if there’s a size upgrade involved). The blood coming from an inflamed cervix or vaginal tears is normally bright red, but if you see some darker blood, that’s not immediate cause for worry either, it could just be some old menstrual blood coming from your uterus.Photo Credit: Getty

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