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Strictly Ladies: Eight Real Reasons Why Your Nigerian Ex Keeps Texting And Whatsapping You

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Most ladies in Lagos might will be familiar with the stories of exes who refused to understand the concept of leaving women alone, even after begging them to.

Every woman usually needs time and the space to heal, after a relationship ends. But it can most times feels like you’re speaking to a doorpost. Pointless and Useless. For some girls it might get as bad as resorting to changing phone numbers just to get away from the ex. Most of such relationships wouldn’t have been a healthy one for starters and the best way most ladies deal with such is usually by steering completely away from such men.

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There could be various reasons why your ex keeps messaging you. If you’re wondering why, read on for some possibilities.

1. They feel guilty for how things ended: If your ex initiated the breakup or it ended with a nasty exchange, they might be feeling bad about how it went down and they’re trying to either ease their conscience or make amends.

2. They miss you: Inasmuch as it’s nice knowing that your ex misses you, it can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth especially when you consider that they suddenly realise what a treasure you were, long after they’ve broken your heart.
3. They’re bored: Particularly now when we’re social distancing, it can get quite tempting to reach out to a familiar face “just to catch up”. Boredom can make you do very strange things and talking to an ex you had previously sworn never to talk to is one of them.

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4. They want attention: Being single can be lonely especially when you’re stuck at home alone. Maybe you gave them the right kind of attention that satisfied their need for human interaction thus they look to you to fill that void.
5. They’re having difficulty moving on: Getting over and starting a new relationship or living the single life is difficult. Your ex might be unable or unwilling to put in the effort to move on and thus they’re clinging to you.
6. They’re trying to see if you’ve moved on: Curiosity can get the better us. That random text from your ex can be their curiosity getting the better of them. They probably want to know what you’re up to nowadays, if you’re still pining for them or if you’ve moved on.

7. They want to be friend:The romantic relationship might not have worked but your friendship was good and they’re missing it.

8. They want you back: Maybe, after the time apart, they’ve realised that breaking up was a mistake and they want you back. How you respond will confirm to your ex if you’re interested in reuniting or not.

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Remember that inasmuch as that text from your ex annoys you, your reply can determine whether or not they keep texting. If you’re not interested in speaking to them, take your time replying or if the relationship wasn’t healthy, ignore them altogether.
On the other hand, if you think there’s a possibility of being friends or rekindling your love, be polite and respond accordingly. Keep the conversation going so that your ex knows you’re open to keeping them in your life.Photo Credit: Getty

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