Strictly Ladies: 5 Reasons You Are Likely To Share Your Secrets After An Orgasm

There’s a common saying that if you want to get your partner talking, wait until the two of you have been intimate. This is often associated with the satisfaction that comes with orgasms after a good intimate session. While many people dismiss this as cheap banter, it is biologically proven that you could end up revealing to your partner more than you intend to.According to studies, the genuine reasons why you open up and spill all those emotional, embarrassing stories right after reaching cloud nine include;1. Oxytocin: This is a hormone responsible for social bonding, sexual reproduction, and during and after childbirth. Commonly known as the love hormone, oxytocin plays a major role in erection and orgasm. When released to the brain, this hormone triggers emotional, cognitive, and social behaviors by reducing anxiety hence letting you say things you’d normally withhold. Losing your guard is associated with oxytocin since the hormone floods your brain immediately after you orgasm.2. Exposure to sexual content: Research conducted over a period of time on different individuals showed that those who were exposed to sexual content of any kind were more likely to say unchecked words even to people they were not close to. This, according to the findings is a results of activation of the part of the brain that has inhibitions which in turn encourages self-disclosure.3. Interpersonal intimacy: When you meet someone you’re sexually attracted to, the chances of you revealing too much to them even if they are strangers is high that when you meet someone who doesn’t capture your attention that way. This urge to disclose stuff to this person is often driven by the need to get close to them. The more the person gets close to you, the more you want to let them know stuff about you. After an orgasm, this feeling will override your common sense and lead to letting even the deepest of your secrets to your partner.4. Pillow talk: Unlike other mammals, we have a habit of cuddling and sleeping close to each other after getting intimate. These cuddle sessions are usually filled with idle talk triggered by the feeling of satisfaction. While having this relaxed pillow talks, it is possible, legitimately so, for you to pilot your talks towards personal stuff. All this is innocently aimed at building higher chances of being intimate again and may often end with you telling personal stuff that you didn’t intend to. Most emotional, vulnerable things are said at this point all aimed at keeping the other person around for longer even though we don’t know it.5. Subconscious bonding: Many people have admitted to feeling attached to someone by just lying naked next to them. This is a result of our brain’s ability to subconsciously match the circumstance with closeness. Your brains ‘tricks’ you into feeling comfortable with your partner, no matter how new you’re are to them, hence allowing you to drop your guard and talk to them. This perceived closeness is responsible for the many times you’ve told your partner ‘I love you’ and regretted right after realizing you didn’t know them well.Photo Credit: Getty

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