Strictly Ladies: 3 Smart Ways To Play Your Cards Right And Win Catch Him At The Chasing Game

Men generally love the challenge of a chase. The thrill of it makes them much more determined to ‘catch you.’ On the flip side, we can sometimes send men on a 42-km marathon chase, making them lose interest as soon as they reach the finish line.

They probably won’t be able to cover that distance in 1 hour and 59 minutes, and that’s why you should not make the chase a world-record breaking marathon.

Here are some tips on how you can play your cards right and win in the game of love, because you’re definitely worth the chase!

1. It’s okay to tell him you like him: You might not want to let him know this too early into the chase. Wait until he displays signs of interest in you. Remember that actions speak louder than words so let him not only say that he likes you, let him show it in his actions. Also, if he expresses his feelings too early on, be weary because its better when you take time to truly know each other and develop genuine feelings.

When the timing feels right for you and you’re into him as a person, express your interest in return. If you don’t let him know that you are interested, he will likely lose interest in you during the chase.


2. Don’t just sit there: When dealing with a person, you have to start getting to know them. Be proactive in learning about each other. Don’t let him do all the running while you’re sitting at the finish line waiting for him to arrive. Run ahead of him. Learn each other’s likes, dislikes, childhood memories, etc. Show him the things that you like to do and share those experiences together.

You need to give him a reason to keep chasing you, otherwise once he wins the race at the finish line, he’ll probably lose interest in you because he got what he wanted and it wasn’t worth it. Don’t play too hard to get.

3. Avoid a time limit: In the same breath, don’t make the time limit too short. Putting a deadline on the chase can work against you because timing is relative to every individual. Once you’re truly sure of who you’re dealing with and have sufficient information on him to pursue something more, the race can now come to an end. If you’re still not interested in him, make this clear to him so that you don’t lead him on.

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