Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘Stop Cooking And Cleaning For A Man, It Doesn’t Make You A Wife’ – Blessing Okoro

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Self acclaimed sex therapist, Blessing Okoro has advised women on how to deal with their partners in a relationship as her usual advice pattern stipulates.

According to Blessing, a woman should know developing herself is more signifcant than becoming a modern-day domestic slave who takes delight in cooking and cleaning for a man in order to win a soft spot in his heart.
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In a new video she shared purposely designed for her women audience, Blessing Okoro underlined the importance of the female species to upgrade herself in all facets rather than trying to score points in the hearts of their partners via the aforementioned gestures that go unnoticed in the lomg run. In her words;

“Dear women, cooking and house chores does not make you a wife, go and develop yourselves, house chores, cooking for him, washing for him, doing all those busy bodies does not make you a wife, you need to develop yourselves.”
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A lot of men have dumped you today and you are wondering why in as much as you have been cleaning and washing for them, it’s because they have outgrown you, a man can now afford to pay for those things that you do for him.”
What would you hold on to if a man decides to let you go? But if you develop yourself, you empower yourself and you become independent.”

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