Stop Calling Women Slay Queens – Ghanaian Actress Warns Bloggers

 Clara Benson, a Ghanaian actress during an interview today shared her thoughts on women being tagged slay queens.  Benson who is fondly called Maama Serwaa, said bloggers are fond of labelling social media ladies and socialites as slay queens and kicked against it. Speaking on Accra 100.5 FM’s mid-morning show on Tuesday, she said“I Don’t Know Why They Select Some People As Slay Queens, I Don’t Know If It Is The Way They Dress Or Is It The Character They Show On Social Media?” Clara continued saying; “Someone’s Lifestyle On Social Media May Be Different From Their Lifestyle In Real Life, So, I Always Say That Before You Say Something Bad Or Listen To Something About Someone, You Must Meet The Person First And Know The Person’s Character For Yourself. Knowing All These You Can Then Conclude That The Person Is Bad Or Good.” Photo Credit: Clara Benson

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