Wednesday, November 30, 2022

I Have No Doubt I’ll Still Lead Nigeria – Chris Okotie

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The Pastor of the Household of God Church, Revd Chris Okotie, has shared his thoughts on the state of the nation, his belief in an interim national government as the solution to the country’s challenges and other issues.chris okotie

Chris Okotie was asked; You once made this call for an Interim National Government for Reconciliation and Reconstruction in 2018 ahead of the 2019 general elections, and now you are back with the same message. Why do you insist that is the way to go?
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When you are dealing with people, it probably takes a while for them to understand your message. The presidential system of government in Nigeria practices has failed us and has become inimical and subversive to the Nigerian cause and we must do something drastic about it. We are on the verge of a major national crisis and so some of the people who didn’t listen at that time are more likely to listen now, so the circumstances have changed and the situation has become worse. There is so much anger and resentment now and our procrastination might lead to a catastrophe. An Interim National Government is not in the constitution, how do you, Chris Okotie intend to push this idea through?
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The circumstances determine for us now that there is nowhere else to go. To go forward with a presidential election is a journey in futility and a Sisyphean quest and it’s like seeking to embrace an elusive phantom. It can’t take us anywhere because of the existential problems we have today. There comes a time in the evolution of a nation when patriots must sit down and find a way forward and I think that time has come. I think what needs to be done is for the President to begin to work in that direction. I am persuaded that he is able to effect the necessary changes for the survival of this country. Once the National Assembly is with him on that, we can enact the necessary laws that can allow an interim government. I believe this is an auspicious time for that and I believe the patriots in government are already thinking about it.

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Chris Okotie

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