South African Youths Are Not Using Condoms For This Shocking Reason

New figures have shown that there has been a remarkable decrease in the use of condoms by young South Africans.Speaking to the country’s Cape Talk presenter Africa Melane, Dr Mpumi Zungu of the Human Sciences Research Council said this is often because people in relationships assume their partners are faithful and don’t use condoms. Tinyiko Nkanyane of loveLife said in relationships where people exchange money for sex, the dominant partner often refuses to use a condom. She said many young people in rural areas still did not understand the importance of using condoms, which are available for free at most public facilities. “We have a high rate of teenage pregnancies, and most of those babies are unwanted,” said Nkanyane. “Condoms are available for free in public toilets, government buildings, clinics, hospitals and libraries, but people still choose not to use them.”Photo Credit: Getty

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