South African Rapper HHP Tried To Commit Suicide 3 Times Before He Died Yesterday

South African rapper Jabulani Tsambo, popularly known as HHP whose death is still shocking to his fellow artists.

A lot of secrecy has been surrounding his death since< it was revealed yesterday, and more light has been shed on the rappers battle with depression in 2015 has he already attempted to take his own life three times.

In an interview HHP had in 2016, he opened up saying that, he had a tough year in 2015, he also revealed that he eager to end his own life that he had to seek ways to commit suicide on the internet. He said:

I was thinking while my policies (life insurance) are still active, let me just go out. Fifteen minutes I should be done. An hour and a half later, nothing happens. I’m listening to the song on repeat now. I get out the car. It’s time to take the kids to school.

He also tried with an older car but he didn’t succeed, so he had to go back to the Suicide website where he got an option of using Helium. Few minutes after having a fight with his girlfriend he tried the Helium and it didn’t work too.
The three failed attempt happened to be HHP’s turning point, as it occurred to him that if you really want to die, you need to live first and do all that really scares you.
Painfully, the rapper died on Wednesday, September, 23rd 2018.

Photo Credit: Getty.


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