Somizi Talks Snooping On His Partner’s Phone

Somizi Talks Snooping On His Partner's Phone 1 S.A celebrity Somizi has shared some details about his past relationship. During an interview with DJ Fresh on the Fresh breakfast show on Metro FM, Somizi revealed he went through his ex’s phone and gave his reason for doing that. In his words; “I wanted to check where he said he was because he said he was at a friends place at this time, but it didn’t make sense…and the friend’s place is far…he sent me a text saying I’m home after 30 min.” Somizi Talks Snooping On His Partner's Phone 2Somizi continued saying he did further investigations as he realized that the story his ex gave did not add up. “…When we met…I went through the phone and I found an ‘oh my gosh! I forgot to throw away the box, please throw it away’ [Text]…I’m a straat mate, I call the person, and it’s worse if it’s a person you know and they know that you’re in a relationship…” Somizi has however since moved past the relationship as he is now engaged to Mohale Motaung. Somizi Talks Snooping On His Partner's Phone 3 Photo Credit: Somizi


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