Weddings: How To Avoid Gate Crashers At Your Party

Sometimes gate crashing can take its toll on your special day. You need to take conscious steps to avoid this joy stealer

It is agreeable that when planning a wedding, no mater how perfect it may seem, there will be lags. It’s just the nature of planned events. One of the  most annoying things that could happen at a wedding is seeing gate crashers storm into the premises. Sometimes they may not surface at once, however when they do, they make your invited guest uncomfortable and they could disrupt the smooth running of your party if care is not taken. here are three steps in dealing with gate crashers.
1. Strictly by invitation: If you can afford it, then having your event on a strictly by invitation basis would be the best solution to this challenge. However, strictly by invitation doesn’t guarantee they wont show up, it just limits their movement around the premises.
2. Hall Management: Most recorded cases of gate crashers are done in wedding that parties that were organised on an open field. The best way to avoid this is to rent a hall, big enough to accommodate your guests and make them comfortable.
3. Passcode: If you can’t get around these two solutions, then you can get a passcode for your reception. this way, those who have no business with the party would be left trying to crack the puzzle.Photo Credit: Getty

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