So Sweet! Usher Raymond Celebrates Son As He Turns 11

 Singer Usher Raymond is today celebrating his son who turns 11. The R&B singer welcomed his son with ex-partner Tameka Foster in 2007. sharing a throwback of himself cradling his son he wrote:”I can remember when I turned 11 (forever ago) it was the beginning of me understanding that I had began to grow up and that I needed to care about somethin’…. Bad breath, hygiene, the use of deodorant, a career, other people, how I treated them, and what mattered…at least to me. I began to understand that if I were to be great at anything I’d have to start somewhere, with somethin. The way I carried myself would speak to who I was and what my life would look like. Sure…you got your plate full with things that really matter, like Pokémon cards, V bucks, GameStop cards, Fortnite, Tom Clancy and homework. “Priorities” Know this Son…I love the U you are. I wish you passion for what you love and hopes that you have compassion for others. Thank you for picking me as your dad and coming to me when you did. Thank you to your mother for delivering you and the hospital and hands that handled you….You gotta believe in U more than anybody. If you don’t believe, NO ONE WILL. #HappyBirthday #URV” Photo Credit: Usher Raymond

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