So Sweet! Skales Is All Lovey-Dovey With His Girlfriend As They Celebrate Their First Anniversary Together

This celebrity couple never fails to bring beautiful smiles to our faces! Skales and his Rwandan-Canadian singer girlfriend, Neza are celebrating their dating anniversary together and they have taken to their individual social media pages to gush at each other. Neza took to her Instagram page to share that: “Happy 1st anniversary my king!! @youngskales I’m grateful for the lessons we learned so far…Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for being my biggest fan! I got you for life boo!! Ps: Your wahala is nothing I can’t handle. God made sure to equip me with everything we need to survive. Plus you do an excellent job at making it up to me…Oya let’s turn up!! Today is our day!” Reciprocating the love, Skaled also wrote on his page that: “Happy 1st !!!! Thanks for tolerating my stubbornness and all my f**k ups  my queen  @thisisneza LOVE YOU SO MUCH.” Photo Credit: Getty


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