“Snipers For Hire”, Twitter User Reacts To Buhari’s Visit To Lagos

In the midst of the pomp and circumstance with which President Muhammadu Buhari has been received in Lagos, a twitter user @EgbuSweet identified as Igbo Makanaki has been spotted on the micro blogging site, advertising that he has snipers for hire as the President visits.

In his tweet as he reacts to the President’s visit, he made it known that one of the places the President will be visiting – a power plant – is close to his apartment. He then announced that he has snipers for hire, requesting that people message him directly for more details.

He wrote:

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This did not go down well with some twitter users, who think his piece is careless and may end up putting him in trouble.


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Another twitter user identified as Liquid @Mefoh_ has however decided to see the activities as inter-tribal one, stating that if Igbo Makanaki was to be an Hausa, they wouldn’t have paid attention to his tweet.  He said:

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