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Skitmakers Visit To VP Osinbajo As Youth Ambassadors, Wrong Or Right?

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Last week social media was agog in anger after pictures and videos of some skitmakers and brand influencers were seen paying a visit to Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo at the Aso Villa under the aegis of the Nigerian Skitmakers Association “NSIA”, amongst the famous skit makers seen in the photos of the visit was Maryam Apaokagi “Taaooma”, Josh Alfred Josh2Funny, Mr Hyenana and Woli Agba.

They were dragged from pillar to post over their visit with some calling it a betrayal to the youth cause in the country. While some described it as insensitive and greed-driven. Some even called them out to give an explanation questioning what was discussed at the meeting and why they didn’t announce the visit until a popular gossip outlet had revealed visit tagging them of betraying the Nigerian youths only to go and receive campaign money.
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After so much castigation and insults, the skitmakers that were at the visit finally did come out to announce that they did visit the VP and what was discussed at the meeting. One of the skitmakers to suffer so much brunt was the popular female comedian Taaooma who some refused to accept as a representative of their cause and slammed as having no right to make such a visit on their behalf but rather did so for her own selfish reasons. Some called out to apologize for her actions. 

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Taaooma in reaction to all of the insults and accusations, apologized while also noting that she didn’t receive a dime for the visit, she got support from the famous Activist Aisha Yesufu who said Taaooma had nothing to apologize for after the notes of the meeting was released where it was noted that Taaooma specifically during the visit spoke about the continued police brutality youths are faced with and the harsh conditions of living Nigerian youths are faced with daily all in search of their means of survival. 

Skitmakers visit To VP Now, the question is, was the visit of the Skitmakers to VP Wrong? well, I don’t think so. It is nothing but an opportunity to make the youths voice heard through whatever means possible, because what the youths of this country are faced with are no longer funny and they need to be carried right to the corridor of power with the voices of the youth doing the talking.
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Let’s support and use every means to make our voices heard and not tear each other down.

See Mr Macaroni’s statement after the visit

“First, I do not think there is an association of skit makers. If there is, then I don’t know anything about it. And that would be fine because I am an Actor/Thespian first before the Tag “Skitmaker”.

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“So I don’t think those that went to see the VP without me or anyone else meant to sideline me. I want to believe they were invited to see The VP by the organizers of an Award Ceremony the same way I was invited. The only difference is that I declined the invitation.

“The reason I declined is simple. As a citizen, I’m not happy with our leaders and I do not want to associate with them. It’s ok if others believe that sitting with the Govt will change certain things and decide to try it out. I don’t think they should be crucified for that.

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“I have just seen too much to know that The govt sees and hears everything. They and their workers are always on the Internet. They know what we cry and complain about and they do nothing about it. So what will sitting down with them to tell them what they already know change?

“I don’t know what was discussed in that meeting as I wasn’t there. But I don’t believe those that went would go there to say anything other than demanding for better governance and leadership as we all have been doing all these while.”

See Josh2Funny’s statement after the visit;

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Not a dime was received by anyone among us for visiting the Vice President. We only took a walk around the Villa and talked to Prof Yemi Osinbajo and other representatives at the meeting about the problems bedevilling Nigerian youths.

We discussed the need for the government to do something worthwhile about the issue of police brutality, the deteriorating state of the educational system, and for permanent voter cards to be made available to all eligible voters. One of us, Taaooma, specifically took a lot of time to discuss the issue of police brutality, which affects the youth, while another skitmakers, Mr Hyenana, talked about the need for improvement in the educational sector, especially at elementary and secondary levels.

We were called upon by the Nigerian Skits Industry Awards to pay a visit to the Vice President in an effort by the organisers to help us get due recognition, just like it is obtainable in the movie and music industries. Having a meeting at such level means so much for the industry, and that was why I deemed it very important to be part of the visit. However, there is no association of skit makers in Nigeria. Actually, Nigerian skitmakers are underrated and not respected because some people have tagged us ‘internet sensationalists’.

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