Single On Valentine’s Day? Here’s How To Rock V-Day As A Single Lady

That time of the year is here again and guess what, the reality of not having a boyfriend finally sinks in, girl you are single to stupor! Or maybe you have a boyfriend, but then you are not really sure you have a boyfriend, maybe you guys got into a fight and being the stubborn dude he is, nothing would give him more joy than to pass you over on valentine‘s day. You want to enjoy the day, but then it all looks awkward enjoying it alone, singles valentine is awkward right? Wrong! Girl get up and straighten yourself up, you are definitely going to have one of the best days of your life on valentines day, and yes, by yourself, or at least not with anyone you are romantically involved. Now, you might think having to do something to start with would feel like a pity party, you just want to be left alone, going through peoples timeline and cussing at their love, scratch that! You have constantly heard the “single on valentines day is awesome” phrase and you lump it in the top lame cliche category. However, as cliche as it is, its true, Hailee Steinfeld didn’t sing “love myself for nothing”. So the first step is for you to love thyself, give yourself all the love you have got to give, all of it! After believing and understanding that you deserve all the love you can give, then you are ready to…

  • Get a new hairdo: Feeling adventurous? Have your hair dyed, or maybe you were thinking of going on a low cut, how about giving it a try. A new face beat coupled with beautiful hair is a sure mood uplifter.
  • Go on a shopping spree: You know nothing makes you feel better than stunning new clothes, shoes, makeups or bags. February 14 would be the perfect day to get them
  • Go to the movies, pick out non-romantic films featuring your crush celebrity and giggle at how dashing he is. That surely would elevate your mood to a 70
  • Okay, we said love yourself, love your friends too- Go out with your friends and have the fun of your life with them doing all the stuff you all love to do. 
  • Visit a Karaoke: Pick out all the favourite songs you love to listen too and sing your heart out. It’s not a pity party remember, so no, ‘someone like you’ and others which falls into this category. Sing along to songs that bring the diva in you out.
  • You don’t feel like going out? Invite your friends over and throw a house party. Order all the sweet stuff you have been craving for a while and indulge away. Feeling a little extra? Have an anti-valentines day party with your single friends and laugh at how ridiculous the day is
  • Don’t feel like doing anything? Have a gooooooood sleep. It’s rejuvenating, trust me, when you wake up later in the day, your glow would definitely blind other couples in your vicinity!  Photo Credit: Getty


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