“Everytime Celebrities Should Go Out”, Simi Schools Followers

Simi gave her piece of mind to a follower, schooling other trolls who always except celebrities to be the ones to spearhead everything in the country.
The singer had taken to the streets of Twitter to lament Sowore’s rearrest and all of the sagas that came with it, noting that it is a very ridiculous story.
Reacting to her tweet, Ade-Oba charged the Joromi singer to do more than tweet and use her huge fanbase to make something happen in educating and empowering people. The tweep promised to show support if Simi can start up a movement.
Yes it is Simi. But you can do more than tweet, you have a huge platform,u have followers, we can partner with you to give them a political education on why this act should not be condoned and what can be done about it. Our people need information, u can help spread it. We’ll provide“, he wrote.Mrs Gold then took time to reply him, schooling him and others who care to know that the fight is for everybody in the country and not the celebrities alone. She noted that people usually ask celebrities to go out and instigate a course but they will never show up behind the celebs. She then asked what the rationale is behind a singer or actor’s qualification to always lead a fight.
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Everytime ‘celebrities should go out’ – but u dnt have their back when they do. When u see the guns, u run. When their lives are on the line, u no dey. Who wants to die for ppl that don’t care. Why is som1 more qualified to fight cos they can act or sing? It’s everybody’s fight“, she replied.
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