Tuesday, March 28, 2023

5 Signs Women Give When They Actually Like You

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Ladies loves to get attention. That is why if a lady likes you, she will always seek for you attention. When your crush likes you, she will do her best to hide it.
No matter how a lady tries to hide her feelings from you, you will kind of see it one way or the other even they try to suppress it.

One of the most obvious sign is a lady that likes you will always be taking everything into consideration. She will not assume anything. For example if you say she is pretty, she will likely reply you by saying: What do you mean by that”
When a lady likes, she will be so keen on the tiny details. A sensitive text you send her will be remembered for days even weeks. she might bring in discussion by remember what you told me around 8PM on the Friday of this month.

She will seem to put some of what happens in her world on hold and just concentrate on you and you alone. Helping you in any different way she can. As she want want to make plans with you
Lastly she will want more of your time and attention. The attention you give will never be enough because she will want more and more always

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