Sickos! Husband And Wife Filmed Themselves Raping Eight Month-old Baby And Dozens of Other Children

In a totally vile incident, a husband and wife have admitted they filmed themselves raping 25 children, including an eight month-old baby. Christopher Almaguer, 26, and his wife Sarah, 27, face up to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to uploading the abuse videos online at a court hearing Tuesday. The couple, of Waco in Texas, first admitted what they had done last December, sparking a police investigation.That saw officials compile a list of at least 25 potential victims they fear were abused by the Almaguers, with those children’s ages ranging from 14 to eight months-old. The Almaguers were arrested in February, and have been in police custody ever since while an investigation conducted by local police, the Texas Attorney General, and Secret Service was carried out into their behavior.News of their guilty pleas was announced in a press release from the Texas State Attorney’s Office Wednesday. It did not offer further information on how the pedophiles were able to access so many potential victims, or how the couple were caught. Christopher Almaguer posted a series of lewd memes on his Facebook page, including ‘jokes’ about getting high and having rough sex in a wrestling ring.Another video shared on the social networking site shows him smirking at the camera while Sarah Almaguer trims his beard. The pair will be sentenced on January 29 after both admitted one count of sexual exploitation of children and one count of production of child pornography.Photo Credit: Getty

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