Shocking Moment Bullfighter Andy Younes Is Gorged By A Raging Bull

Here’s the terrifying moment a matador was gored in the backside by a raging bull in the middle of a performance in his own hometown. Andy Younes was in the ring in Arles, close to the southern French city of Marseille, when the animal charged at him.The 20-year-old French matador was sent flying by the animal, with dramatic photographs showing him tumbling to the ground. The incident happened during a performance at the Feria de Paques Easter festivities in Arles, southern France, on Sunday.The Easter Feria traditionally marks the start of the French bullfighting season, with Younes granted the privilege of performing in front of his home crowd.The young matador entered the bullring for the first time as a five-year-old child and has performed all his life.Despite his time in the bullring cut short by the goring, Younes received a standing ovation and was hailed a hero as he departed the arena on the shoulders of fellow participants.Photo Credit: Getty

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