Friday, March 31, 2023

Shocker! Meghan Markle’s Resume Reveals Stripping and Juggling As Special Skills

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A fresh tide of a scandalous life is about to hit the love ship conveying Meagan Markle and Prince Harry after TMZ obtained Megan’s old acting resume, and some of the details in it are shocking.
According to TMZ, the old resume date back to her “pre-Suits” days, and the eye-opening part of Megan’s resume is in the Skills section, where Megan claims she is proficient in just about every sport, including baseball, golf, swimming, horseback riding, snowboarding and even baton twirling.
Meghan also claims she’s well-versed in more than a dozen forms of dance, speaks 3 languages, sings pop and country and plays guitar, drums and finger cymbals.
She’s also got some circus skills (juggling) and has a few other titles like; DJ, masseuse and stripper.
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