Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Shehu Sani Opens Up About His Ordeal With The EFCC, Compares Buhari’s Govt To That Of Hitlers’

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The Former Senator Shehu Sani finally opens up and described the type of treatment he received while in the EFCC’s detention over allegation of extorting a sum of $25,000 from the Chairman of ASD Motors, Alhaji Sani Dauda, which Shehu Sani was allegedly suppose to give to Chief Justice Ibrahim Muhammad to help influence a case in court, and also to the EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu.  Shehu Sani

The Ex-Senator from Kaduna State who was released on Thursday, has described his incarceration as unfair, unjust and a clear infringement on his fundamental human rights.

Sani insisted that he was framed as he alleged that he was placed in the underground cell of the EFCC on the orders of its chairman.Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani statement reads;

“I wish to thank all individuals and groups that have shown concern, support, solidarity, and prayers during my 30 days of incarceration in the underground cell of the EFCC on the orders of its chairman.
“With gratitude to Almighty Allah,  my special appreciation to Amnesty International, SERAP, HURIWA, and other groups, numerous to mention.
“My incarceration for 30 days in the jail of EFCC was unfair, unjust and a clear breach of my fundamental rights and hence stands condemned.
“During my unjust stay in the EFCC cell, I was subjected to traumatizing interrogations; My houses and offices were searched.
“They compelled me to declare my assets, they tried to subject me to polygraph lie detector tests, my accounts were blocked, and my phone was seized, all in the name of fictional $24,000 or $25, 000 extortion.
“Any Information planted in the media by the EFCC spokesperson while I was in their custody about me is outrightly false and nothing but a bacterial and fungal infested concoctions, typical of their style.
“Our country will continue to be at the bottom strata of the transparency International index as long as our anti-graft agencies only use their might and arsenal to crush ants while lacking the courage, the heart, and the liver to confront the snakes, the vultures and the hyenas of the ruling establishment.
“They can frame me, detain me but can’t silence me.
“I shall abide by all the conditions of my bail and appreciate the courage, compassion, and wisdom of the court in granting me the bail.
“In an ideal democratic state, all agencies of the government are obliged to operate within the dictates and the ambit of the rule of law or the nation leaps into tyranny.
“The rule book of Stalin, The manual of Hitler or road map of Mussolini should not be the guidance and the compass of the nation’s security and anti-corruption agencies in their quest to sanitize our country.”

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